Dense Granular Materials

Mechanics of Multibody System

Numerical Simulation

Civil Engineering



  • Materials and structures Department, Aggregates & Materials Processing Laboratory (University of Nantes-Angers-Le Mans, LUNAM)

    P. RICHARD, Research Director

    Y. DESCANTES, Researcher, specialist of aggregates in civil engineering


  • IRDL
  • Research Institute Dupuy de Lôme, Durability Group (University Bretagne-Sud)

    T. LECOMPTE, Associate Professor

    V. PICANDET, Associate Professor


  • LMGC
  • Civil Engineering and Mechanics Laboratory, Physics and Mechanics of Discrete Medias group (University of Montpellier II)

    E. AZEMA, Associate Professor

    F. DUBOIS, Researcher


  • Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering Group
  • (University of Bristol)

    E. IBRAIM, Reader in geomechanics


  • Structural Engineering Laboratory
  • (University of Rijeka)

    G. JELENIC, Professor