Dense Granular Materials

Mechanics of Multibody System

Numerical Simulation

Civil Engineering


I currently work as Teaching Fellow at the School of Engineering ESTACA (Paris-Saclay).

In this website, you will find information about my research topics & publications, Curriculum Vitae, professional networks and elements related to my teaching activities.

Research interest

My research deals with dense granular materials such as railway ballast, concrete, soil, sand embankment, ceramic powder and multiblock structures such as masonry. My studies focus on their performance, their manufacturing that is mixing, compaction and their damaging due to erosion, indentation, shocks or seismic events. I am particularly interested in the influence of sample and particle geometry on packings behaviour.

My scientific approach is solid mechanics of multibody system and statistical physics and it concerns the use and development of advanced numerical tools (Discrete Element Methods, DEM) for simulations in order to model and characterize those systems, to relate microscale parameters to macroscale behaviour.

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